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The GLOBAL CLASSROOM connects students and teachers to experts all over the world and brings about a virtual interaction thus expanding the boundaries of a classroom to global dimensions. It improves their communication skills, understanding of various academic concepts and the ability to share thoughts and reflect their artistic skills. The project has already been tested in some of the schools in Mulshi Taluka schools as a Pilot Project.

Our mission is to cater to the educational needs of schools in rural areas so that they can be developed at par with the best private schools. With this intention, we implement GLOBAL CLASSROOM Project using ICT-Information and Communication Technology in primary and secondary schools which include total quality developed programs for students, teachers and administrators.

Our goal is to make education active, participative, meaningful, digital and global. It is high time to integrate technology in the curriculum and in day-to-day classroom teaching and learning at all levels, so as to compete with advanced nations and direct the new generation towards technology-based education.