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Foundation Course for Competitive Examinations

Foundation Course for Competitive Examinations

  • UPSC
  • MPSC
  • Central Services
  • Banking
  • All the Entrance Examinations

Making Your Dream, a Reality

Aspiration, ambition and achievement are the major driving forces for today’s youth. In this highly competitive world everyone is trying have an edge over other to achieve the desired target. In this race, we observe, few succeed while others compromise with whatever less they achieve. it is, therefore, important to find the factors that determine the success and causes of failure as well.

The marginal rate of success may give us an impression that qualifying these competitive examinations is simply beyond our reach and it needs some kind of exceptional intelligence. But if you dig a little, it could be confidently said that what it needs is just an average intelligence and some qualities and skills. So what are such qualities and skills?…

Career Foundation Tips

  • Early Start at under graduate level
  • Good Reading Habits
  • Curiosity for Information
  • Knowledge of diverse Subjects
  • Efforts in right direction
  • Proper Guidance

What we provide

  • Basic knowledge of all subjects
  • Career Guidance
  • Reading Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Interview Skills/Communication Skills
  • Life Skills

Laying the Solid Foundation

Competitive examinations are horizontally difficult and vertically easy. What does it mean? It simply means the syllabus is vast and varied.  It may be called a sum total of what we study at school, intermediate level and undergraduate level. But the tendency of students is to forget after the annual exam at each level as our school and college study is only examination oriented. Very few students have an integrated approach towards the school and college study. It has been observed that for competitive examinations of different kind, students have to re-learn the high school and college text books all over again when they start preparing for the competitive exams.  All these efforts and time could be saved with one strategy…’’preparation at under graduate level’. The Namaskar with Love Foundation has brought to you a very simple technique to prepare for the competitive examinations.

What to Read?

Today, market is flooded with so many newspapers, magazines, Internet resources, audio-visual material and books by several publications. Students find it difficult to make choice as what to read and what not to read.  The App will rightly inform students and enable them to make right choices about the reading resources.

Interactive Sessions:

Subject experts will address queries of students from a smart classroom. It will be an interactive session wherein not only queries about the subjects but any other query regarding the study method will be answered. There will also be interactions with IAS and other class one officers from time to time.

Big Saving of Money and Time

The coaching centers for competitive examinations are generally in big cities. The exorbitant charges by coaching classes, higher house rent and other expenses make the preparation of competitive examination difficult for students and parents. Following the trend, students blindly joins these coaching centers that cost them financially with no guarantee of success. To address this difficulty, an online solution is also available that will save big efforts and high financial burden.

Parental Guidance

The role of parent is very important in laying down the foundation of the student. It is student who will ultimately prepare but parents can provide him or her with logistic support. They can facilitate the reading material and guide him for the preparation.

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