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Launching Pad for Careers

We live in a market society today. Everything has a market value and consumption value in this highly commercialized world of today.

Education, of course, cannot be an exception to it. That’s the reason coaching class are outnumbering the educational institutions in the country.

But the high cost of these classes is, sometimes higher than the college fees is preventing many potential students to dream higher and realize their ambition. Beside financial reason,there are several other factors that are becoming hurdles in the planning of career and achieving right success at right time. These are lack of awareness about the career choices, parental ignorance, unavailability of guidance and motivation.

After carefully considering these ground realities the ‘Global Classroom for career Foundation’ has come up with a mission to provide ‘career foundation course’ that will prepare the student with appropriate inputs and prepare him best fore his dream career by the time he graduates.

This foundation course is just not about the academic preparation but it also considers other aspects of development for a meaningful and guaranteed success.

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