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Success in competition is not only about writing and scoring good marks. Interview is an integral part of any examination or admission process in today’s times.

The Global classroom has a special plan to train students about how to face interviews. The interviews will be recorded and analyzed to make you aware of your strength and weaknesses. Of course, there will be special sessions to educate you on several aspects of interviews and its preparation.

English proficiency

English has become a gateway for opportunities in today’s world. It’s an essential qualification not only for career aspirants but also for any professional, housewives and common citizens.

The knowledge of English language is a basic condition for all competitive examinations and interviews. A candidate needs to prepare it separately over a period of time. The language needs to understood in its various aspects.

The Global Classroom pays special attention in view of English proficiency for written tests and interviews as well.

We also consider the need of common citizens, professionals and housewives who face problems due to incompetency in English. Our module offers the basic knowledge for such candidate who can effectively communicate in English for any practical purpose.


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